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130 Cap PlaySro-Cap130 [D14]


Yeni Üye
8 Haziran 2022

Hi folks! We are here to introduce you our new project which we done our best to produce it as it's now. So let's ask why would you choose PlaySro?


Username - epvp | Join Date - epvp | Nickname - PServer | Position - PServer Ocean |06/29/2011|Ocean|Server Admin and owner
Raymond |08/03/2017|Raymond|Designer
____________________|____________________|________ ____________|____________________




Rates | Value
Cap | 130
Degree | 14
Race | CH&EU
Mastery | 390
Type | PVE
EXP | 700x
Party EXP | 850x
Drop Items | 20x
FGW Rate | 10%
Drop Gold | 3x
Trade gold | 5x
Max plus | +12(Adv's +14)
Fortresses | Hotan
Bot | Allow
Battle | Arena Enabled
CTF | Enabled
SILK/H | 1 from 110
Vote Silk | 5
PK Murder | disable
Unique Silk | Yes
Balanced China | Active
Main town | Samarkand
Holy water temple | Active
Job temple | Active


Rates | Plus
+1 ~+4 | 100%
+5 | 50%
+6 | 40%
+7 | 30%
+8 | 20%
+9 | 10%
+10 | 3%
+11 | 2%
+12 | 1%


To prevent buggers from destroying the fun in the game, we added some delays and limits to make a fair gaming.
Berserk bug disabled
Exchange delay
Global chat delayed & Restricted to level 60
Drop goods at town disabled
Auto attack bug disabled
Drop items inside towns {SAFE ZONE} is disabled.
Attack pet disabled during FW
Exit & Restart delay​

Subject | Limit
Guild Limit | 24
Union Limit | 2.
IP Limit | 8
PC (HWID) | Limit 4
JOB Limit | 1
PK Murder | disable
Fortress Limit | 1
JOB Limit | 1
Fortress Limit | 1


we provide you a very useful starter package to make it more easier and starting your journey comfortably.​


we've enabled the auto equipment system for not feeling bored during level up. It will work with you from Dg1 to D10 then you can buy Dg11, Dg12 and Dg13 from NPC for free.​


Almost Degree 14 lovers prefer to choose the Europe race because it have more chance than Chinese race. In play sro , the Chinese race have the same chance of Europe race.
To achieve the balance between the races, we've add a passive skill for each Chinese build to achieve the balance and to encourage players to play Chinese race.​


We added passive skill to all weapons masteries, you can open it at Lv 130. It gives you enough power to fight against the European race. Remember that you can open one passive skill even if you're playing dual.
Added CH holy spell (Bleeding)
Added Pain Quote to CH.​


Refreshed you don't have to go to website to know players rank.​


Now you can change your grant name automaticaly without master permision, to make it more easier for you and him


Now you can lock you account with secondary password to prevent anyone knows the first password to rob your account. also we don't advise you to use the same password you used in another games.

How to get (ADV B)?

How To get DG 14 Weapon?
You can get dg14 weapon from forgotten world.

How To get DG 14 Accs?
You can buy them form NPC that located in SAMK for coins.

How To get DG 14 Set?
You can buy them form NPC that located in SAMK for gold coin and Silver Coin.

How to get DG 14 Shield?
You can buy them form NPC that located in SAMK for coins and gold coin and Silver Coin.​


  • Silks Scroll.
  • Skills Reset.
  • Stats Reset.
  • Job penalty Remover.
  • Guild penalty Remover.
  • Premium Remover.


Always you feel that you're missing the old days, as an indication for that days we've added our touch.. in PlaySro you're gonna find:-

  • Old Character Selection.
  • Old SOX type Look.
  • Old Alchemy Interface.
  • Old Exchange Window.
  • Old Under bar.
  • PK disabled in the server.



If you win, you will take 20 arena coin.
If you lose, you will take 8 arena coin.
BATTLE ARENA. Every 1 Hours
Prize for winner 10 coins and loser 3 coins

Each kill gives you 1 arena coin.
If you win, you will take 20 arena coin.
CTF : Every 2 Hours
kill = 1 arena coin and team winner 20


We enabled Immortal Stones because we believe its very interesting and fun system in Silkroad, you will be getting much precious items from Immortal Stones like Immortal Stones / flag etc.. You can get Immortal Stones cards from the all normal uniques / Holy Water Temple.​


Jobbing at only 3 towns, Hotan, Donwhang and Jangan,

[*] Honor Buff.
Academy | Enabled.
1. Honor buff can be obtained from Battle Arena/ CTF, Unique
Each kill = 1 honor | 30 point daily limit



In our server you will find some of a new & special NPCs which are existed in order to make your buying & selling issues are easier.

  • Special Title Shop
  • Gold Shop
  • Special avatar

[*] Stones & ADV D14


[*] NPC D14 Items


[*] Sun NPC D13



[*] G-Pets / A-Pets


[*] New Avatars


[*] Item Mall NPC




Job temple uniques spawns at a certain scheduled time, you will be noticing our times at the website, these uniques drop a very precious rewards beside the needed coins to purchase the Egy parts!​

Unique | Drop
Isis| 10 Gold Coin / 5 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk : Time = 03:30 AM - 11:30 AM - 07.30 PM
Anubis| 10 Gold Coin / 5 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk :Time =03:30 AM - 11:30 AM - 07.30 PM
Neith| 10 Silver Coin / 5 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk :Time = 03.30 PM - 11.30 PM - 07.30 AM
Selket| 10 Silver Coin / 5 Immortal Stones/ 100:200 Silk : Time = 03.30 PM - 11.30 PM - 07.30 AM


Holy Water Temple was intended to be for the berserk quest only, but to make it fun for you, we added coins drop, you can enter the holy water temple 2 times/day, don't forget to bring your friends with you, its not gonna be easy.
Drop: Silver Coins + Gold Coins + Immortal Stones​


You can find them around every town, each kill drops 1 Immortal.[Appearing every 2 hours]

  • Flame Captain
  • Flame Wave
  • Manho
  • Yuno
  • Jupiter
  • Hang-A
  • Tai-Sui
  • Senior General
  • Rage Cloud
  • Taishan Monster
  • Legendary King Kong
  • Black Cloud
  • Ganiazo Dow
  • Cyclops
  • Eris

[*] STR Normal Uniques.

Everyone loves hunting uniques, also we added interesting drop to all uniques.

Unique | Drop
Tiger Girl| 1 Reverse / 1 Global / Immortal Stones
Cerberus| 1 Reverse / Global / Immortal Stones
Captain Ivy| 1 Reverse /1 Global / Immortal Stones
Uruchi| 1 Reverse Reverse / 1 Global / Immortal Stones
Isyutaru| 1 Reverse / 1 Global / Immortal Stones
Lord Yarkan| 2 Reverse / 1 Global / Immortal Stones
Demon Shaitan| 2 Reverse / 2 Global / Immortal Stones
BeakYoung White Viper| Spawns every day , drops 400 silk + 4x Global + 4x
Immortal Stones
Death Bone| 400 silk + 4x Global + 4x Immortal Stones
ROC| 400 silk + 4x Global + 4x Immortal Stones

Note: Death Bone & Roc Spawn once a day.

When you are visiting Samarkand, you will find it's monsters changed to monster 121-130.
You can teleport to Alex from Lv 1.


As a slogan of let's have fun, we are gonna offer a lot of events, events which are gonna add much fun to our gameplay, so pack you luggage and be ready to a high dose of fun here!​


  • Survival Arena
  • Trivia (Questions)
  • Last Man Standing
  • Lucky Global Event ( Event )
  • Automatic Hide & Seek event
  • Automatic Lucky party number event
  • Automatic Unique event
  • Automatic Kill the GM Event
  • Automatic Lottery Event



You can earn 150 silk for free by using our signature, all you have to do is to copy this code and paste it in your USER CP > Signature, you will receive the 150 silk in the grand opening!​


You can join to this event by coping the next code, pasting it in the place of your signature.​



luck for 10 win, You can earn 500 silk for free by joining our discord, all you have to do it enter our discord.